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PEETZ Iconic Fishing Reels Stay True to Original Craftsmanship


Hand Made Wood and Brass Fishing Reels Honour The Art of Fishing

It’s late afternoon and the sun’s rays are reflecting in hues of red and orange on the ocean.
You sit with rod and reel in hand.
All is still except for the quiet swish of water against the hull and the occasional gull cry.
The sudden sound of the clicker rings in the air and your heart races.

And with a handcrafted PEETZ reel in your hand you can enjoy your own experience of man versus fish with an authentic piece of West Coast Canadiana.

Over 90 Years of History

The PEETZ fishing reel has been handcrafted in Victoria for 90 years and it represents true West Coast craftsmanship. Its design and beautiful workmanship date back to 1925, and the PEETZ goal of crafting a product of highest excellence is still the same today.

“These guys are really artisans. What they do is amazing,” says former business partner Art Aylesworth in an interview with the Victoria Times Colonist newspaper.

Handcrafted Excellence

PEETZ products hearken back to a time when crafting something to a high standard and paying attention to the details of each creation was paramount.

The reels are not products of modern mass manufacturing but represent time tested skill, craft, and commitment to excellence by individual craftsmen. High quality mahogany and brass materials are shipped in and each component is cut, lathed, stamped, polished, and fitted in house at the PEETZ headquarters.

The lead for the weights is hand-poured and each gear, fastener, knob or component is manufactured on site.

Innovative Features

However, it’s not just a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. PEETZ reels are tough, durable, and built to deal with the power of a fighting fish.

Analog drag control gives you the ability to make fine adjustments and avoid the annoying potential for slippage.

The wider lip of the reel makes it more comfortable. Yes, a PEETZ reel allows you to engage in a battle of skill when you fish and ultimately experience the joy, mystery and exhilaration of fishing.

Canadiana for the Generations

“There is nothing like fighting a big salmon on a PEETZ. You really feel the fish,” shared one angler on the Sportfishing BC forum.

When you purchase a PEETZ product, you’re getting something that will endure and give you a memorable fishing experience. PEETZ products are true Made-In-Canada items and represent heritage and tradition.

“I love the old PEETZ reels. Mine was handed down to me from my dad (1980),” said another enthusiastic fisherman, “I hope I never quit fishing with it.” ~ Sportfishing BC forum

Crafted by hand, PEETZ products are classic tools of timing, technique and tradition. So very often they don’t make ’em like they used to, but in this case, they definitely do.

For more information visit www.peetzoutdoors.com.

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