Welcome to Peetz. 

Peetz Manufacturing is proud to be one of the world’s oldest makers of fine fishing reels. First established in 1925 by Boris Peetz, we have been making high-quality mahogany and brass fishing reels for generations of passionate sports fishermen in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.  We have earned a reputation for our exceptional workmanship and for delivering durable, quality products that provide the very best user experience you’ll find in fishing equipment.

Our product offerings include our signature wooden fishing reels in a range of sizes as well our stainless steel designs. We have recently expanded our offering to include a new family of gorgeous fly fishing reels that we think you’ll really like. We also offer high-quality fishing rods that are ideally suited for our reels as well as a range of specialised fishing tackle and accessories guaranteed to make your tackle box the envy of your friends! Whether you’re trolling or downrigging for salmon, halibut, trout, or other sport fish up to 100 pounds in weight, we have what you need to make your time on the water as good as it can be.

We are confident you’ll be extremely happy with the products you purchase from Peetz. We have a storied reputation for our workmanship and durability that sets us apart from most of what you’ll find on the market today. In fact, we believe in our products enough to offer a “no nonsense” Lifetime Warranty. That’s right…..Lifetime! And on top of that, if you are not satisfied with anything you purchase from Peetz, send it back for a full refund or replacement within thirty days of purchase. No questions asked.

Let’s go fishing!

PEETZ Canada