PEETZ was founded in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 1925 by Boris Cecil Peetz, a master jeweller who combined his love of fishing with his ability to fashion timeless, beautiful works of art.

Boris Peetz fixing classic wooden reels

Boris Cecil Peetz working in the shop on his famous PEETZ fishing reels.

PEETZ fishing reels were originally based on the Nottingham style reels popular at the time throughout Europe. However, when Boris applied the knowledge of his trade to the creation of the elegantly simple, ingeniously reliable mechanics of the original PEETZ fishing reel, magic happened.

Day after day, season after season, fishermen put Boris’ reels to the test against the rough salty seas, the unforgiving weather and the big fish of the Pacific Northwest. With each passing year, these fishermen grew to revere the performance and impeccably-crafted quality of PEETZ reels.

Old Fishing Reel part of the PEETZ Pacific Reel

The extremely rare and beautiful PEETZ “Pacific Reel” (Circa 1924 – 1925).
From the private collection of Robert Johns.

As the PEETZ reels weathered, their mahogany darkened with the richness of time; their brass work reflected the abuses of the sea, and they continued to perform! Endless fishing stories and family legends embedded themselves as patina and the reels were passed down from one generation to the next.

Today, PEETZ fishing reels continue to stand the test of time. Still crafted in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada by artisans who honour Boris Peetz’ commitment to design, precision and durability, the reels are produced in limited numbers by hand using traditional methods. In fact, some of the tools and jigs used today are the same original equipment created by Boris Peetz nearly a century ago. To our knowledge, PEETZ Outdoors is the only remaining manufacturer of Nottingham-style wood reels in the world.

Unlike most of the modern fishing gear available today, PEETZ fishing reels carry a special place of distinction in the hearts and tackle boxes of many West Coast fishermen. They are timeless works of functional art to be used, abused and shared as lasting legacies of a family’s enduring passion for the sport of fishing.

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