PEETZ Iconic Fishing Reels Stay True to Original Craftsmanship

Hand Made Wood and Brass Fishing Reels Honour The Art of Fishing It’s late afternoon and the sun’s rays are reflecting in hues of red and orange on the ocean. You sit with rod and reel in hand. All is still except for the quiet swish of water against the hull and the occasional gull […]

The Salish Sea Marine Survival Project

A major collaboration between nations to understand salmon survival in the Pacific Northwest. In 1859 a loose pig on San Juan Island, just off the south coast of British Columbia, was shot by a hungry British soldier based in a fort at the north end of the island. The angry American farmer who owned the […]

PEETZ Supports the 2015 Tofino Saltwater Classic

June 4, 2015 – Victoria, BC – In collaboration with, PEETZ Outdoors is pleased to support the 6th annual Tofino Saltwater Classic, a salmon fishing derby off the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, that will be held this year from July 3rd to 5th, 2015. Former NHL star Brendan Morrison at the 2014 […]

With All the New Reel Technologies Available, Why Use a PEETZ Classic Reel?

5 Inch Classic Fishing Reel & Outperformer Tackle Pack

Because they are fun… 😉 PEETZ Classic Reels are 1:1 direct wind reels offering the ultimate in simplicity for fishing purists. With a minimum of wearing parts, these reels have proven to last many decades and are often passed down through family members as heirloom pieces. At PEETZ, we’ve provided factory refurbishment and annual maintenance […]

The Legacy of Boris Peetz

by Doug Pollard, author of “PEETZ, A Reel For All Time.” Published in Seaside Times, August 2011 In 1911, a young man arrived in Victoria 11 years after leaving his native Russia. Among his luggage was a tiny kettle and spirit burner he had fabricated while working at the Montreal CPR Argus works for the […]

Reflecting on PEETZ and the “Circle of Life”

"Circle of Life" Limited Edition Hand Carved Fishing Reel by Jason Henry Hunt

When the partners at PEETZ started planning where we might go with our venerable old company over the next year or two, we realized that we all shared some common objectives around our vision for its future; it somehow needed to intersect our love for outdoor adventure, the sport/lifestyle of fishing, as well as a […]

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