PEETZ Re-Introduces the Classic Sylvestor’s Secret Trolling Spoon


Secret wobbler fishing trolling spoon

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Winter 2016 – 2017, Page 14

PEETZ Outdoors is well known for its Canadian made fishing reels, rods and tackle.  In decades past, the company created a number of noteworthy fishing products that were used extensively all over the West Coast.  In fact, next time you’re at the Royal British Columbia Museum, check out the 6″ PEETZ reel and selection of PEETZ tackle on display in the Cannery Exhibit (Modern History Collection).

I recently spoke with Marc Hoelscher, one of the former partners who took over ownership of PEETZ from Bill Hooson in late 2014., about what’s next for the iconic Victoria company?

“Our focus right now is on innovative product updates and new products that are authentic to the PEETZ brand,” said Hoelscher. “One of the exciting initiatives we have underway is the re-release of a number of classic spoons.  Like many Canadian manufacturers, PEETZ stopped making tackle in the 1990s, primarily due to the influx of Asian imported products at price points that made it difficult to compete at the time.  Since then however, there has been a shift in consumer thinking and a better understanding of the value proposition for locally made, high quality products that are built to last.  In addition, with newer manufacturing methods, and a lower Canadian dollar, the price gap has narrowed.  These two factors have enabled us to explore the re-release of some truly legendary local tackle,” said Hoelscher.

Sylvester's Secret Tackle Pack - "Full Tilt"

PEETZ first re-release was the Hookum spoon for the 2015 season.  This spoon was used around the Pacific Northwest for many decades, and for most older fishermen it was a required lure in their tackle collection.  PEETZ updated this solid brass, hand polished spoon with nickel plating, a range of modern mylars and a high quality hook.

Hoelscher said, “PEETZ’ promise for the last 90 years has been to deliver outstanding quality products at a great price that enhance the fishing experience. The successful re-introduction of the Hookum spoon showed us that there is an understanding and appreciation for quality tackle that performs and is built to last.”

This fall, PEETZ is re-releasing another popular and legendary performer, the Sylvestor’s Secret wobbler trolling spoon.

Winner's Circle 6-Spoon Multipack

This spoon was originally developed by a seasoned commercial fisherman (named Sylvestor, of course) with a passion and gift for developing custom tackle.  He developed the Sylvestor’s Secret spoon in the mid 1980s as an analogue for injured small bait fish.  As a result of extensive testing and refinement, the commercial version of the spoon ultimately developed a reputation as a top performer – particularly for salmon – and it sold well up and down the coast from Alaska to Oregon.

“Sylvestor’s Secret is part of an exclusive group of classic spoons that were locally developed but gained an international reputation, ” said Hoelscher.

For the re-introduction, PEETZ is again embellishing the Sylvestor’s Secret spoons with beautiful, bright nickel plating and a range of modern irridescent, UV and glow mylars.  The modern edition of this spoon (photo above) looks pretty enough to catch anglers as well as fish.

PEETZ class spoon program is not only staying true to the company’s roots, but reaches back into its rich history to help propel the company into the future. Meanwhile, a whole new generation of fishing enthusiasts is getting an introduction to the “art of fishing” – the way it used to be.

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