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PEETZ Outdoors Limited Partners with CJ Special Lures Corporation


Victoria, BC – March 22, 2017 – PEETZ Outdoors Limited (“PEETZ”), a 90 year old Canadian legacy manufacturer of fishing reels, rods and unique tackle, is pleased to announce a global licensing agreement with Original CJ Special Lures Corporation (“CJ Special Lures”).

Original CJ Special Lures

Under the terms of the agreement, PEETZ has licensed the perpetual manufacture and  wholesale/retail distribution of all lure products developed by CJ Special Lures.

“We are very excited to partner with CJ Special Lures,” states Marc Hoelscher, former co-owner of PEETZ. “These spoon style lures have been designed and perfected over the last 15 years and have developed a loyal following with both professional charter fishermen and lodge operators.  Until now, they have not been widely available to the general public and we are very excited to bring them to market in a big way.”

“We are pleased to work with PEETZ to fully commercialize our full line of unique lures”, states Charlie Jones, President of CJ Special Lures. “PEETZ has strong company values in place that mirror our own – outstanding product quality, outstanding customer support, and a commitment to conservation.  We feel PEETZ was the right company to build and represent our lures and brand.”

The lures developed by CJ Special Lures have an entirely unique action that has been patented in both Canada and the United States. “Each variation of the lures have a specific shape, weight as well as a bend and twist in the tail that ensure they roll left, then right on a horizontal plane,” continues Charlie Jones. “This entirely unique action has proved especially effective at catching every predatory fish for which we’ve tested.”

According to Gibran White, a well known professional salt and freshwater sport fishing guide in British Columbia for more than 26 years and the Marine Operations Manager at Nootka Marine Adventures (www.nootkamarineadventures.com) the CJ Special spoons “have evolved into an entirely new dimension for both trolling and casting! The 3″ needle fish and 3″ regular are the top two most utilized spoons I have in my tackle box when guiding for all species of salmon, including Chinook up to 50 pounds… these spoons will out-fish 95% of most bait fisherman any day, any tide of the week.”

Gibran White, Nootka Marine Adventures

Gibran White, Nootka Marine Adventures

PEETZ anticipates the commercial release of a range of CJ Special lures in the first week of April, 2017.  For more information and to pre-order, you can contact Robert Van Pelt at 250.383.5342 or robert@peetzoutdoors.com.

About CJ Special Lures Corporation

CJ Special Corporation was founded by Charlie Jones and is based in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada.  The company has developed and holds the Canadian and US patents for an entirely unique spoon lure design that is durable and proven to be extremely effective at catching fish.

CJ Special Lures have an action unlike any other lure on the market.  With an isometric, perfectly balanced design and a specific, bend and twist in the tail, the lures roll in one direction for 8 to 12 inches, then actually reverse and roll in the opposite direction.  This action mimics bait fish unlike any other lure on the market and has proven extremely effective for all predatory fish tested; from salmon, halibut and cod on the West Coast to steelhead and trout on inland waterways and even swordfish, tuna and mahi mahi in Mexico and Hawaii.

The lures are available in both aluminum alloy and brass in a range of sizes, shapes and weights that have all been extensively guide-tested.  They have shown equally effective for trolling, casting and jigging.

About PEETZ Outdoors Limited

Established in 1925, PEETZ Outdoors has been manufacturing high quality fishing reels, rods and unique tackle for generations of passionate West Coast fishermen. Located at 2740 Rock Bay Avenue in Victoria, British Columbia, the company honours the guiding principles of its founder, Boris Cecil Peetz: uncompromising quality, extreme durability and a lifetime guarantee.

PEETZ is particularly famous for its mahogany and brass fishing reels, which are produced in limited numbers by hand using traditional methods.  Over the last nine decades, the artisans at PEETZ Outdoors have created more than 250,000 reels for salmon and halibut fishing, and the company has embedded itself into the West Coast fishing culture from California to Alaska. For more information visit www.peetzoutdoors.com

Media Contact

Robert Van Pelt
PEETZ Outdoors – 1439540 B.C. Ltd.
Office: 250.383.5342
Email: robert@peetzoutdoors.com

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