The Evolution of Trolling: A Look Back at the History of PEETZ Slip Sinker Weights

In the early days of trolling, anglers relied on traditional sinker weights that were cumbersome and often got stuck in the water on various obsticles. But one man’s innovative solution would change the game forever. Boris PEETZ, the founder of PEETZ Fishing Tackle, had a vision for a more efficient and effective way to present […]

All new PEETZ website almost here.

For nearly a century, PEETZ Outdoors has been a staple in the fishing tackle industry on Vancouver Island. Established in 1925, our locally owned business has been providing high-quality, handcrafted fishing reels, rods, and accessories to anglers around the world. With a commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship, PEETZ has become synonymous with traditional methods and […]

PEETZ Iconic Fishing Reels Stay True to Original Craftsmanship

Hand Made Wood and Brass Fishing Reels Honour The Art of Fishing It’s late afternoon and the sun’s rays are reflecting in hues of red and orange on the ocean. You sit with rod and reel in hand. All is still except for the quiet swish of water against the hull and the occasional gull […]

PEETZ Outdoors Partners with McFly Fishing Products

McFly Trolling Flies

Victoria, BC – October 20, 2017 – PEETZ Outdoors Limited (“PEETZ”), a 93 year old Canadian legacy manufacturer of fishing reels, rods and unique tackle, is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with McFly Fishing Products Limited (“McFly”). Under the terms of the agreement, PEETZ will represent and distribute McFly brand fishing products to its […]

Announcing the 2017 Artist Series Limited Edition Reel

2017 PEETZ Artist Series Fishing Reel - limited to 90 reels

Since 2015, PEETZ has introduced an annual limited edition of 90 PEETZ handcrafted reels that are then hand-carved, numbered and signed by Kwagiulth artist and carver Jason Henry Hunt. In July, PEETZ introduced the 2017 design called “The Hunter”, which features a bear and salmon totem in a radial design. According to Mr. Hunt, “the […]

PEETZ 2016 Artist Series Reel Chosen as Victoria’s Gift to the Royals

Orca, Salmon & Moon | PEETZ Artist Series Fishing Reel

Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, made a visit to Victoria BC. To commemorate that visit, the Victoria branch of the Monarchist League of Canada decided to gift the Royals one of PEETZ’s handcarved Artist Series reels. The reel of choice was our 2016 Chain of Life Artist Series reel design, […]

PEETZ Releases the 2017 Artist Series Limited Edition Reel Design

For the 2017 limited edition Chain of Life reel, PEETZ is pleased to introduce “Bear and Salmon” – a total of 90 mahogany and brass reels hand-carved by renowned Kwagiulth artist and master carver Jason Henry Hunt. PEETZ inaugural Artist Series reel design, the 2015 Circle of Life, inspired the concept of the Chain of […]

Best Fly Fishing Rivers on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is home to some fantastic river fly fishing. Anglers from around the world travel to the island’s fruitful waters to catch trout and salmon in abundance. Unfortunately, although there is still plenty of great fishing, many runs have been badly damaged by logging, pollution, and overfishing. PEETZ has been supporting the Pacific Salmon […]

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