PEETZ Releases 2016 Artist Series Limited Edition Reel Design

For the 2016 limited edition Chain of Life reel, PEETZ is pleased to introduce “Orca, Salmon & Moon” – a total of 90 mahogany and brass reels hand-carved by renowned Kwagiulth artist and master carver Jason Henry Hunt. PEETZ inaugural Artist Series reel design, the 2015 Circle of Life inspired the concept of the Chain […]

Best Places to Fly Fish In Ontario

Northern and Southern Ontario Locations for Fly Fishing Whether it’s because of the spectacular setting or the abundance of fish, there are a number of places that should be on any fisherman’s list of best fly fishing locations in Ontario. And if this were a successful animated movie it wouldn’t be called “Wall-E”, it would […]

Low Canadian Dollar Translates to American Savings

The Canadian to American dollar exchange rate is always fluctuating and, over the last year, seen extreme erosion of the Canadian dollar against the American greenback. This has created very favourable purchasing power for US buyers wanting Canadian sourced products or services. At the time this article was written, the rate was hovering around 1 […]

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