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With All the New Reel Technologies Available, Why Use a PEETZ Classic Reel?

5 Inch Classic Fishing Reel & Outperformer Tackle Pack

Because they are fun… 😉

PEETZ Classic Reels are 1:1 direct wind reels offering the ultimate in simplicity for fishing purists. With a minimum of wearing parts, these reels have proven to last many decades and are often passed down through family members as heirloom pieces. At PEETZ, we’ve provided factory refurbishment and annual maintenance on PEETZ Classics that are up to 80 years old, and these reels definitely look better and better with age; the wood wears and develops an incredible patina that reflects each reel’s special time on the water.

PEETZ Classic Reels are also a ton of fun. With many of today’s modern reel technologies, the reel can behave and feel more like a winch – providing a highly mechanical action that leaves you one step removed from your catch. A direct wind reel, on the other hand, features handles that are attached to the outside of the spool and provide a powerful retrieve and instant, accurate feedback that is in tune with the fish and its movements.

Direct wind reels can provide a highly gratifying fishing experience for the sporting angler, as a certain level of skill required to ensure even tension on the line and, depending on your skill, the fish has more of a fighting chance. You really have to be conscious of the action of your hooked fish at all times and adjust quickly!

How to Use a Direct Wind Reel

When your catch makes a run, you control the line tension through the drag knob and by alternating your hands from winding to “palming” the spool, where you apply pressure to the outer edge of the spool to slow the reel down. There is definitely an “old school” art to this technique, and this style of reel has been dubbed a “knuckle buster” for a reason! However, it is also one of the more fun and challenging ways to play your catch; it’s an the experience cannot be replicated by the more modern reels that do much of the work for you using advanced drag mechanisms, multi-speed gearing, and the like.

As stated above, using a direct wind reel requires you to use your reflexes and maintain a keen awareness of your fish and its intentions. With a bit of practice, you will develop an understanding of your reel and the balanced drag setting required to minimize the risk of a runaway spool (and potentially sore knuckles and/or a line tangle) and yet achieve some level comfort and responsiveness as you wind in your catch.

Getting Started

Many PEETZ fans purchase new PEETZ Classic reels or even locate vintage PEETZ classic reels on sites like CraigsList and eBay to use as exciting and challenging secondary rod setups. The vintage reels are a fun restoration project and you can get the reels looking and functioning as good as new with a little elbow grease. We also offer reel refurbishment and annual maintenance at our shop for those that would prefer it. It is worth mentioning that many of the early PEETZ reels are highly collectible and have significantly more value if they aren’t restored – you are welcome to contact us before your restoration project to confirm the best course of action for your vintage reel.

PEETZ Evolution Reel with One Way Drag

If you would prefer or require a reel that can be used by more inexperienced fishing fans (charter clients or children for example), PEETZ has introduced the Evolution Reel. This reel offers the Classic’s mahogany wood and brass beauty and all the benefits of a 1:1 ratio spool reel, but with an updated mechanism that incorporates one-way drag, a matched stainless steel shaft with smooth running roller bearings, and more. It’s the best of both worlds… retro good looks with modern “guts”. Click here for more details on the Evolution Reel from PEETZ.

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