PEETZ Outdoors Celebrates Its 90th Year Anniversary


Legacy Canadian manufacturer launches Artist Series of reels hand-carved by renowned Kwagiulth artist and master carver Jason Henry Jason Hunt

Victoria, BC – July 15 23, 2015 – PEETZ Outdoors Limited, a Canadian manufacturer of fishing reels, rods and unique fishing tackle, is commemorating its 90th year in business under a new ownership group that is intent on honouring the guiding principles of the Company’s founder, Boris Cecil Peetz: uncompromising quality, extreme durability and a lifetime guarantee.

“When I bought the business from Boris’ children in 1977, we continued to do business the way Boris did since he started the company in 1925,” states Bill Hoosen. “To ensure the quality of our products, we hand make just about every component in our shop. It’s a unique and sometimes difficult commitment in this day and age, but it’s what we built our reputation on.”

PEETZ famous mahogany and brass fishing reels are produced in limited numbers by hand using traditional methods. PEETZ continues to utilize many of the tools and jigs created by Boris Peetz nearly a century ago. Over the last nine decades, the artisans at PEETZ Outdoors have created more than 250,000 reels for salmon and halibut fishing and the company has ingrained itself into the West Coast fishing culture from California to Alaska.

In November 2014, Victoria locals Art Aylesworth, Shawn Aylesworth and Marc Hoelscher joined PEETZ as new partners. Both Art and Marc have been fishing with PEETZ reels since the 1980’s and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this nostalgic brand.

One of the first initiatives the new team introduced was an additional guiding principle into the company; a commitment to integrate wild fish conservation and enhancement into its business practices. “As a gear and tackle supplier, the health of PEETZ is tied to the health of our wild fish resources,” states Marc Hoelscher. “We have to be guided by the long term prospects of the sports fishing industry and therefore do what we can to support the fishing community and wild fish conservation programs that are its backbone.”

Launch of the PEETZ Artist Series

In June 2015, PEETZ also launched its new Artist Series of reels: mahogany and brass fishing reels hand carved by well known local Kwaguilth carver/artist Jason Hunt and featuring two female salmon with roe in a symmetrical circular pattern. The limited edition pieces are also kicking off an initiative with the Pacific Salmon Foundation called “Reel Change” – where $10 from every reel sold via will be directed to the foundation’s salmon conservation programs throughout British Columbia and the Yukon. “There will be a total of six Artist Proofs in the edition that will not be available for sale but will be donated to fundraisers for salmon conservation,” states Hoelscher. The first two Artist Proofs were auctioned recently by the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) and fetched $3000 each for salmon conservation.

“To celebrate our 90th anniversary, there will then be a limited run of 90 additional hand carved, signed and numbered reels available for purchase.” These commemorative hand carved reels are currently being sold by PEETZ for $799 each, again with a portion of proceeds going to PSF. “These pieces are a unique form of truly West Coast Canadiana,” states Art Aylesworth. “A beautiful wood fishing reel handcrafted by a legacy manufacturer and then hand carved by an important local artist into original pieces of aboriginal art. The feedback so far has been overwhelming and these reels are generating interest with both the fishing community and collectors.”

About Jason Henry Hunt

Born in Victoria in 1973, Jason is the son of Kwaguilth carver and artist, Stanley Clifford Hunt. Following in the footsteps of his father and uncles, Tony Hunt and Richard Hunt, Jason has merged his trained indigenous artistic capabilities with a unique, recognizable style that is sought after by collectors worldwide.

Regarding his collaboration with PEETZ: “To know that every reel at PEETZ is handmade locally in small runs, that no two reels are exactly alike, and that the company has a legacy of over 90 years based on its enduring product quality is really appealing to me,” states Jason Hunt. “I’m excited about the creative, artistic, yet fully functional products that will evolve through our partnership.”

Dedicated to the values of old world craftsmanship, and favouring the use of hand tools to carve and finish his works, Jason creates signature pieces that range from totem poles and large scale panels to masks, paintings and jewelry.

Today, Jason is the youngest steward of a rich legacy of creativity that traces its roots from his father through his grandfather, Henry Hunt, to his great-grandfather, Mungo Martin (both widely credited with teaching many of today’s leading artists). Jason’s work explores the distinct culture and art form of the Kwagiulth people while reflecting the vibrant history and knowledge of generations of acclaimed artists. Visit for more information about Jason and his works.

About the Pacific Salmon Foundation

The Pacific Salmon Foundation, founded in 1987, is a federally incorporated non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wild Pacific salmon and their natural habitats in British Columbia and the Yukon. Operating independently from government, The Foundation facilitates dialogue and undertakes positive initiatives in support of Pacific salmon amongst all levels of government including First Nations; as well as industry, communities, individual volunteers and all fishing interests.

About PEETZ Outdoors Limited

Established by Boris Cecil Peetz in 1925, PEETZ Outdoors has been crafting high quality fishing reels, rods and tackle for generations of passionate West Coast fishermen. The Company is located at 2740 Rock Bay Avenue in Victoria, British Columbia and was owned and operated by Bill Hoosen from 1977. In late 2014, Art Aylesworth, Shawn Aylesworth and Marc Hoelscher joined as partners.

PEETZ famous mahogany and brass reels are produced in limited numbers by hand using traditional methods. PEETZ continues to utilize many of the tools and jigs created by Boris Peetz nearly a century ago. To its knowledge, PEETZ Outdoors is the only remaining manufacturer of Nottingham-style wood reels in the world. For more information visit

For more information visit

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