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PEETZ Outdoors Brings Back the “Hookum” Diving Spoon

Hookum "Pacific Brigade" Spoon [6-Pack]

A proven west coast fishing lure icon… The PEETZ “HOOKUM” Diving Spoon.

Talk to any true PEETZ aficionado and you will learn that the company was responsible for numerous innovative products far beyond the timeless wood and brass fishing reels that the name immediately brings to mind. In fact, for decades, PEETZ was at the forefront of fishing innovation on the West Coast!

Looking back over that rich history, one of the truly successful creations was the PEETZ “Hookum” diving spoon. First developed by PEETZ founder, Boris Cecil PEETZ, this trolling lure was a departure from the typical spoon, as it uses a swivel connector that is uniquely attached to one side of the spoon, rather than at the end. This position forces the spoon to angle down slightly while favouring one side over the other. The resulting action is unique as it blends the action of a spoon with some of the action of a plug.

How It Works | Hookum Diving Spoon

Practically all types of sport fish on the West Coast are drawn to the Hookum lure and PEETZ sold tens of thousands of them right up until the 1970’s. Around that time these beauties disappeared from the marketplace as other new lures and offshore spoons became available. Although PEETZ still maintained all the punch tool dyes and capabilities to manufacture them, they were no longer commercially available.

Hookum 3" Fishing Spoon Tackle Pack - "Salmon Slayer"

The new partners at PEETZ loved the old Hookum spoon, and we are pleased to say that we’ve put the wheels in motion to bring this classic lure back into service – but with some modern flair! Like all of our products, the spoons are hand crafted at our workshop in Victoria, BC using solid brass that is nickel coated. Then, similar to our successful Stryke Zone flashers, the Hookum spoons are decorated in UV and Glo-rich Mylar colour combinations with prismatic, holographic and iridescent patterns.

So far, the hobby and charter fishermen that have been testing the new Hookum diving spoons have been coming in with great reviews, and more importantly fish on deck! The lures are working at all depths, likely due to the addition of the UV Mylar patterns that glow in the infrared color spectrum and function well in deep, low light waters.

The Hookum spoon can be trolled alone like any typical spoon, or can be run with an in-line or dummy flasher (a flasher that is dragged on a separate lead, or connected directly to the cannon ball). If you decide to go with the in line flasher, we recommend using our smaller 7″ stainless steel Stryke Zone flasher, in matching colour combinations. These flashers provide a very low drag experience, without compromising fish attraction because of their stainless steel design and smaller size. For the best action, the Hookum should be trolled between 2.5 and 3 knots. Slower speeds also work, creating a more “nose down” attitude than at higher speeds.

You can get your new handcrafted Hookum spoons at 2740 Rock Bay Avenue in Victoria or by calling us at 250.383.5342. You won’t find the Hookum spoons with too many retailers yet (we are working on it!), but they are now available on our website.

For more information visit www.peetzoutdoors.com.

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