Announcing the 2017 Artist Series Limited Edition Reel

2017 PEETZ Artist Series Fishing Reel - limited to 90 reels

Since 2015, PEETZ has introduced an annual limited edition of 90 PEETZ handcrafted reels that are then hand-carved, numbered and signed by Kwagiulth artist and carver Jason Henry Hunt.

The Hunter - 2017 Artist Series Limited Edition Reel

In July, PEETZ introduced the 2017 design called “The Hunter”, which features a bear and salmon totem in a radial design. According to Mr. Hunt, “the bear is a powerful First Nations totem that represents strength, leadership and the courage to face adversity.  The bear is highly in tune with nature and its seasonal cycles, and it is considered a protector of the animal kingdom.” Regarding the salmon totem in the design, “healthy salmon runs play a key role in the health of our coastal bears, particularly as they prepare for hibernation,” continues Mr. Hunt. “As a continuation of our ‘Chain of Life’ theme, this design represents the special connection between these two West Coast species.”

The Hunter - 2017 Artist Series Limited Edition Reel

These limited edition reels are hand-carved using traditional tools.  According to Mr. Hunt, each mahogany hardwood reel takes a day or more to carve.  For the 2017 design, Mr. Hunt included polished brass inlays for the eyes of the bear and the salmon, which ties in nicely with the handmade brass components on the PEETZ reel.

The previous two editions of Artist Series reels were picked up by anglers and West Coast art collectors throughout North America and as far away as Europe and Russia.  In 2016, one of these reels was selected the Monarchist League of Canada as a gift for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate, to commemorate their visit to British Columbia.  Their reel is now a part of the Royal Collection at Kensington Palace.

Each year, six additional “Artist Proof” versions of the reels are reserved and donated by PEETZ and Jason Henry Hunt to support the fundraising efforts of partner organizations focused on salmon conservation and habitat rehabilitation. To date, these uniquely embellished reels have fetched up to $6000 each through charity auctions organized by the Pacific Salmon Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Nature Trust, Duncanby Lodge (Percy Walkus Salmon Hatchery), the Gillard Pass Fisheries Association, and the Governor General of British Columbia.

The 2017 “The Hunter” release of numbered and signed reels are now available from PEETZ for CAD$799. Click here for details and to purchase online.  You can also reserve your reel by contacting Robert Van Pelt of PEETZ Outdoors at 250.383.5342

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