Things to Consider When Picking Flashers

Stryke Zone Stainless Steel Flasher

Selecting Fishing Flashers That Offer Quality and Durability

Selecting a flasher that suits your fishing style and your personal preferences shouldn’t be that hard! Here are a few things to consider to make the decision an easy one.


If you have a choice of materials, opt for materials that will last and look new the longest. Should you choose stainless steel or plastics? Which looks better over time and lasts longer? Hardy materials are resistant to weathering, warping or breakage and can be used for a longer time.

Designed to Respond

Having too much drag when playing a fish is well……a drag. Why? Less drag from your flasher (whether turning straight or pulled sideways by a fish) is always preferred. The less the drag, the better you feel the fish. The thickness, the surface design, and the material used to make the flasher can help reduce drag. Try to select flashers that are designed to give you a responsive feel without unnecessary drag. Ultrathin stainless steel can deliver low drag without compromising on durability.

Reflective Tape

We can’t stress how important it is to use flashers that come with high quality reflective tapes. Not all tapes are created equal and the difference is obvious in your strike frequency. High quality tapes will provide the highest ultraviolet (UV) spectrum visibility, and quality Glo tapes deliver the most stored/emitted phosphorescence at depth. Fish respond to very specific spectrums of light and that will play an even more important role at greater depths. Look for flashers that utilize durable UV tapes (hard to remove or peel free) that also hold their color characteristics and associated performance.

Reliability vs. Cost

This is always an interesting topic of discussion. In some cases we find it works just as well to use and replace things, so cost wins over quality/expected life. With flashers, they are just expensive enough to qualify for the “buy quality” case. Buying a flasher that last two or three times as long for modestly more original cost makes sense. Successful colours will work for years so it makes sense to buy flashers that also last for years.

Clean Shipping

Nobody wishes products came with more packaging!? Plastic bags and hard plastic protective casing is not good stuff. Given that fishing relies on a healthy environment we think it makes sense to buy flashers that are not packaged at all if you can avoid it. Less waste is logical and less plastic ending up in the water is a sensible objective for all anglers. And when you need packaging to ship goods, choose to purchase flashers from companies with a conscience who use recycled and recyclable shipping materials.

Sustainable Fishing

If you want to keep fishing in clean waterways flowing with healthy stocks, support companies who are doing their part to protect the environment. Don’t shy away from asking for information about stewardship practices and types of projects supported.

There are many companies who care about the legacy they are leaving to future generations. Hop on board with them.

PEETZ Flashers

For anglers looking for that extra edge, we have a great flasher for you!

Our 7 inch stainless steel flasher is a North American handcrafted work of art that will put fish in your boat.

Features of the Stainless Steel Fishing Flasher

  1. Crafted entirely by artisans dedicated to preserving the West Coast fishing lifestyle;
  2. Created from ultrathin 64 gauge stainless steel;
  3. Sleek design guarantees less drag and true touch responsiveness;
  4. Incorporates the finest UV and glow reflective tapes to provide excellent visual stimulation for prolonged periods to fish at all depths and light conditions;
  5. Shipped in paper envelopes for easy recycling; no plastic packaging;
  6. Hand built in Victoria, BC to the exacting standards of the venerable 90 year old PEETZ Outdoors company.

For more information about this unique product and more visit: PEETZ Outdoors.

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