PEETZ Re-Introduces the Classic Sylvestor’s Secret Trolling Spoon

Island Angler Winter 2016 – 2017, Page 14 PEETZ Outdoors is well known for its Canadian made fishing reels, rods and tackle.  In decades past, the company created a number of noteworthy fishing products that were used extensively all over the West Coast.  In fact, next time you’re at the Royal British Columbia Museum, check […]

Fishing Reels As Works Of Art

"The Hunter" - 2017 PEETZ Limited Edition Hand Carved Fishing Reel

Can fishing reels be a luxury item? They can be when they are created by talented artisans. Canadian fishing gear company PEETZ, recently unveiled its 2016 limited edition Chain of Life reels hand-carved by renowned Kwagiulth artist and master carver Jason Henry Hunt. A total of 90 “Orca, Salmon & Moon” mahogany and brass reels […]

Reel Art

Kwaguilth carver Jason Hunt, part of the famous Hunt Family of artists, works on a limited edition PEETZ mahogany and brass fishing reel as part of the Victoria company’s Artist Series of reels. PEETZ Outdoors, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, has commissioned Hunt to produce 90 of the reels. They sell for […]

The Legacy of Boris Peetz

by Doug Pollard, author of “PEETZ, A Reel For All Time.” Published in Seaside Times, August 2011 In 1911, a young man arrived in Victoria 11 years after leaving his native Russia. Among his luggage was a tiny kettle and spirit burner he had fabricated while working at the Montreal CPR Argus works for the […]

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