Best Fly Fishing Rivers on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is home to some fantastic river fly fishing. Anglers from around the world travel to the island’s fruitful waters to catch trout and salmon in abundance. Unfortunately, although there is still plenty of great fishing, many runs have been badly damaged by logging, pollution, and overfishing. PEETZ has been supporting the Pacific Salmon […]

Best Fly Fishing Lakes on Vancouver Island

It’s not easy nailing down the best fly fishing lakes on Vancouver Island. Pretty much regardless of where you go, you’re more than likely to find good fishing. Vancouver Island, after all, sports some of the best freshwater and saltwater fishing in BC, let alone the world. Because of how many quality fishing spots are […]

Best Places to Fly Fish In Ontario

Northern and Southern Ontario Locations for Fly Fishing Whether it’s because of the spectacular setting or the abundance of fish, there are a number of places that should be on any fisherman’s list of best fly fishing locations in Ontario. And if this were a successful animated movie it wouldn’t be called “Wall-E”, it would […]

Fly Fishing and Best Locations in British Columbia

NEW: Check out our updated lists of the best fly fishing spots on Vancouver Island! Top 10 Fly Fishing Lakes on Vancouver Island Top 10 Fly Fishing Rivers on Vancouver Island Abundant BC Lakes and Rivers for Fly Fishing Fly fishing is fishing in its purest form; just you pitting your knowledge and skills against […]

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