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PEETZ Releases 2016 Artist Series Limited Edition Reel Design


For the 2016 limited edition Chain of Life reel, PEETZ is pleased to introduce “Orca, Salmon & Moon” – a total of 90 mahogany and brass reels hand-carved by renowned Kwagiulth artist and master carver Jason Henry Hunt.

PEETZ inaugural Artist Series reel design, the 2015 Circle of Life inspired the concept of the Chain of Life for the next Artist Series limited edition reels. These annual reel designs will focus on West Coast animal species that rely on healthy Pacific salmon stocks for their existence.

For the 2016 Chain of Life reel design, PEETZ is pleased to introduce “Orca, Salmon & Moon” where the Orca is represented as the primary totem. This design depicts an Orca hunting salmon under a full moon. The moon is represented by a beautiful piece of abalone shell (sourced as a by-product of the sustainable New Zealand “Pāua” abalone fishery).

According to Mr. Hunt, “I wanted to incorporate the moon in this 2016 design because it is a symbol of transformation and a guiding light in the darkness. It is my vision that this reel design reflects our capacity to transform our thoughts and bring about long lasting change that will ensure the future health of the Pacific Northwest’s precious salmon resources for all dependent species.”

This beautiful First Nations design is available as a limited release of 90 reels for PEETZ fans and West Coast art collectors worldwide. Each reel is individually hand carved using traditional tools, numbered and signed by Mr. Hunt.

Six additional reels have been commissioned as uniquely embellished “Artist’s Proofs”, and will not be available for sale; these special reels have been reserved to support the fundraising efforts of organizations focused on salmon conservation and habitat rehabilitation. PEETZ is pleased to report that the first two Orca, Salmon & Moon Artist Proof reels were donated to the Pacific Salmon Foundation for the 2016 West Coast Resorts Salmon Masters Dinner & Auction. The reels sold at auction for $4500 each.

For more details, visit: www.peetzoutdoors.com/collections/all/peetz-artist-series

About Jason Henry Hunt

Born in Victoria in 1973, Jason is the son of Kwaguilth carver and artist, Stanley Clifford Hunt. Following in the footsteps of his father and uncles, Tony Hunt and Richard Hunt, Jason has merged his trained indigenous artistic capabilities with a unique, recognizable style that is sought after by collectors worldwide.

Regarding his collaboration with PEETZ: “To know that every reel at PEETZ is handmade locally in small runs, that no two reels are exactly alike, and that the company has a legacy of over 90 years based on its enduring product quality is really appealing to me,” states Jason Hunt. “I’m excited about the creative, artistic, yet fully functional products that will evolve through our partnership.”

Dedicated to the values of old world craftsmanship, and favouring the use of hand tools to carve and finish his works, Jason creates signature pieces that range from totem poles and large scale panels to masks, paintings and jewelry.

Today, Jason is the youngest steward of a rich legacy of creativity that traces its roots from his father through his grandfather, Henry Hunt, to his great-grandfather, Mungo Martin (both widely credited with teaching many of today’s leading artists). Jason’s work explores the distinct culture and art form of the Kwagiulth people while reflecting the vibrant history and knowledge of generations of acclaimed artists. Visit www.jasonhenryhunt.com for more information about Jason and his works.

About PEETZ Outdoors

Founded by Boris Cecil Peetz in 1925, PEETZ Outdoors has been crafting high quality fishing reels, rods and tackle for generations of passionate West Coast fishermen. The Company is located at 2740 Rock Bay Avenue in Victoria, British Columbia and was owned and operated by Bill Hoosen from 1977 and in late 2014, Art Aylesworth, Marc Hoelscher and Shawn Aylesworth purchased the company.

PEETZ famous mahogany and brass reels are produced in limited numbers by hand using traditional methods. PEETZ continues to utilize many of the tools and jigs created by Boris Peetz nearly a century ago. To its knowledge, PEETZ Outdoors is the only remaining manufacturer of Nottingham-style wood reels in the world. For more information visit www.peetzoutdoors.com


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