Low Canadian Dollar Translates to American Savings


The Canadian to American dollar exchange rate is always fluctuating and, over the last year, seen extreme erosion of the Canadian dollar against the American greenback. This has created very favourable purchasing power for US buyers wanting Canadian sourced products or services.

At the time this article was written, the rate was hovering around 1 USD = 1.31 CAD. This gives the US consumer or traveler an extra thirty cents on their dollar for all purchases listed in Canadian dollars. This sizable discount offers major savings for US residents making Canadian product purchases or taking vacations north of the border. This has not been lost on anglers and outdoor enthusiasts who have been enjoying the 30% discount and coming to the West Coast of Canada for world class fishing trips, complete with expert guides and picturesque landscapes.

Amazing fishing in British Columbia.

World Class Fishing Reputation

With some of the world’s best saltwater and freshwater fishing conditions, British Columbia is steeped with fishing history and expertise. Gear and tackle used on our rugged coast has withstood the test of time, and artisan manufacturers continue to explore new concepts and possibilities. The BC coast is indeed wild and demanding, but it is also mind-numbingly beautiful. If you‘ve been, you know. If you haven’t, come on up and enjoy the best outdoor experience of your life at prices that are 30% lower than you might expect.

PEETZ reels have long been a cornerstone of the rich fishing history of Western Canada with their hard-earned reputation for quality and durability. Founded in 1925, PEETZ has over 90 years of experience making reels, rods and fishing tackle for the West Coast. If you grew up fishing in this part of Canada, odds are you grew up fishing with PEETZ equipment.

Today, PEETZ is still creating beautiful mahogany and brass fishing reels that are functional pieces of art using tried and true machinery and processes. Of course, new technology has found its way into some models, but the company has remained true to its craftsman roots and the “do it right” spirit of its founder, Boris Peetz. These reels continue to be handcrafted in North America with heirloom quality, and they’re still up to the challenge of battling fish and making memories for generations of outdoorsmen just like they have since 1925.

Canadian fishing gear.
5 Inch "Classic" SS Reel & Outperformer Tackle PackLemon Lime Tackle Bundle

Exchange Rate Means Savings for the Consumer

The current state of the CAD-USD exchange rate makes this a perfect time for Americans to purchase a legendary PEETZ fishing reel. These works of art deliver outstanding quality but they also offer excellent value compared to other fishing reels available today. To our knowledge, PEETZ is the only manufacturer of wooden Nottingham style fishing reels in the world. They continue to be completely handcrafted in North America and this includes virtually all of the parts and components.

If you are an American interested in our fishing reels, we try to make it easy for you. The shopping cart system used on the PEETZ Outdoors website allows our American and European customers to quickly convert between currencies to provide an estimate of the price they will pay. All transactions are then processed in Canadian currency, and your selected payment method will be charged in Canadian dollars at the current exchange rate.

The savings and value you receive is truly an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Our standard mooching reel, the PEETZ 5” Evolution Reel (CDN$289) calculates to roughly USD$220, providing a savings of almost $70 dollars. Similarly, our PEETZ 3.5” Fly Reel (CDN$249) works out to USD$189.

Domestic US shipping is free for all orders over $200 CAD, and under the NAFTA trade agreement between Canada and United States there are no import duties.

We offer a selection of gear and tackle as well, all with similar savings! View our online store at www.peetzoutdoors.com or call us by phone at 250-383-5342 for more information.

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