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Update on the “Chain of Life” 2016 Artist Series Design


As we learned from our previous blog posts over the last couple of weeks, the Circle of Life reel design from 2015 has inspired the concept of the “Chain of Life” for the next Artist Series limited edition reels.

Orca and Moon Design

The first of the Artist Series designs will feature the Orca and the Moon in a creation aimed to bring awareness to the role we play in nurturing and preserving the interdependency of the distinct wildlife species of the Pacific Northwest. Tasked with the project is Kwaguilth carver and artist, Jason Henry Hunt who collaborated with us on the immensely successful 2015 “Circle of Life” reel initiative.

Design Considerations

“It’s important to tell a story of the Chain of Life without crowding or restricting the full expression of the various elements,” states Jason as he sits with a cup of coffee and contemplates the blank Artist Series template. “In this 5 inch circle I have to balance the weight of the design without impeding its flow. At the same time the Orca and the Moon, have to come alive and be celebrated in a beautiful piece of mahogany that is also a fully functioning fishing reel,” he continues. “It’s an intriguing challenge.”

The new design will also honour the significance of the salmon egg – representing the importance of healthy salmon stocks for the well-being of many West Coast land and ocean species higher up the food chain.

While Jason expects that the design will undergo many iterations, here is a link to more photos that show the direction of his sketches (complete with coffee stains!):

Design drawing for 2016 PEETZ Artist Series fishing reel carved by Jason Henry Hunt

All photos available in this Facebook album

Jason, who has been creating unique carved pieces for collectors around the world for more than two decades, has a wealth of background to draw from. However, the small size and mahogany hardwood of the PEETZ reel presents its own unique challenges.

“Drawing a design is one thing; carving it on a piece of hardwood while keeping it representative of your original plan is something else,” he says laughing. Going from sketches to a working concept can take several weeks sometimes, and is a unique challenge for even the most skilled artist and carver. “I have to work around a centre spool mechanism, and account for the two handles on each reel in the design,” he says as he works on a sketch. “Sometimes it doesn’t translate well, and then you have to go back to the drawing board.”

The Coming Weeks Before April Release

Jason will continue to work on the Orca and Moon Chain of Life concepts and then begin testing his final design on the PEETZ mahogany reels within the next couple of weeks. As the process evolves, we’ll document as much of it as possible so that we may share this evolution with you.

Sales and Pre-Orders


Pre ordering will be available exclusively to purchasers of The Circle of Life reels with guaranteed reservation of their original reel edition numbers until the official release date of The Chain of Life reels, anticipated for Monday, May 16, 2016. For more details, you call toll free 800.883.0221, local 250.383.5342, or email us.

Similar to the 2015 Limited Edition, a portion of the proceeds from every Chain of Life reel will be directed to salmon enhancement and habitat rehabilitation.

Attention Collectors

A small number of limited edition 2015’s “Circle of Life” reels are still available. We are offering a unique opportunity for collectors to purchase both a 2015 “Circle of Life” and a 2016 “Chain of Life” reel at a special price. Please contact PEETZ Outdoors to learn more.

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