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A Reflection: The Success of the 2015 Artist Series Initiative


PEETZ Outdoors would like to offer our sincere thanks for the remarkable support we received from the fishing enthusiast and art collector community for the 2015 Artist Series (“Circle of Life”) initiative.

The objectives for this program were multiple, each one realized with outstanding success.

  • To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of PEETZ Outdoors and the enduring legacy of Boris Cecil Peetz, the master jeweler who channeled his talents into creating functional art that garnered enthusiasts throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
  • To embark on a program of collaboration between First Nations master carver, Jason Henry Hunt, to create art pieces which can be used to tie the time-honoured traditions of fishing with the present concerns for habitat preservation and sustainable practices.
  • To initiate a long term relationship with, and provide ongoing financial support for, key groups involved in designing, overseeing and funding salmon preservation programs throughout British Columbia, the Yukon and within other regions.

The Artists Series – “The Circle of Life”

The successful design, titled Circle of Life, was limited to 90 reels, each one hand carved by renowned Kwagiulth master carver Jason Hunt. Depicting salmon and roe encircled to represent the life cycle of this species, this creation was well received and had a notable impact to the fundraising efforts of various conservation programs throughout British Columbia and the Yukon. We are pleased to report that “Circle of Life” reels were purchased by fishing enthusiasts from Alaska all the way down to California – and across the continent as far as Toronto and New York. Reels were even delivered to collectors in Central Europe!

PEETZ Artist Series Reel

Six additional “Artist Proof” versions of the same “Circle of Life” reel design were commissioned (the AP versions each had some additional embellishment for unique identification) and reserved exclusively for salmon conservation fundraisers. We are proud to report these reels fetched upwards of $5000 each (often with aggressive bidding wars ensuing). The reels have helped support the Pacific Salmon Foundation (three reels), Stuart Island Salmon Enhancement (one reel), Nature Trust (one reel) and the “Stewards of the Future” educational program (one reel) supported by the Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia and focused on resource sustainability.

The third reel donated to Pacific Salmon Foundation was used to support its final fundraising push for 2015. PSF set a donation threshold that provided eligibility for entry in a draw to win an Artist Series “Artist Proof” Reel. We learned that this initiative played a role in PSF’s ability to raise approximately 50% more year end funds than in previous years.

Looking Ahead – The “Chain of Life”

On the heels of the success of the Circle of Life, PEETZ is committed to continue its efforts towards salmon conservation and habitat restoration.

The next design for the Artist Series reels will focus on the range of wildlife species that rely on healthy salmon stocks for their survival. The range of artwork will build on the theme titled The Chain of Life as a reference to the salmon’s critical role in the complex food chain in the Pacific Northwest.

The 2016 Artist Series Design

For the 2016 edition of the Artist Series reel PEETZ will be represented by the Orca. The mighty Killer Whale was chosen to represent the interdependency between marine species, and the benefits to the population which result from thriving salmon stocks.

Starting with this post, our intention is to engage in a blog series documenting Jason Hunt’s design process for the 2016 Artist Series program. Stay tuned for interviews, photos and commentary that we hope PEETZ fans find interesting as the program unfolds over the course of the year.

Sales and Pre-Orders


Pre ordering will be available exclusively to purchasers of The Circle of Life reels with guaranteed reservation of their original reel edition numbers until the official release date of The Chain of Life reels, anticipated for Monday, May 16, 2016. For more details, you call 250.383.5342, or email us.

Attention Collectors

A small number of limited edition 2015’s “Circle of Life” reels are still available. We are offering a unique opportunity for collectors to purchase both a 2015 “Circle of Life” and a 2016 “Chain of Life” reel at a special price.

Thank you!

PEETZ is proud of the success of the Artist Series during its inaugural year. It has brought a feeling of deep connectivity to what we stand for here in the Pacific Northwest and energized us for the years ahead.

It is a privilege to continue our support for organizations that bring knowledge and showcase the connection that humans and other wildlife species have on a thriving and sustainable salmon population.

We invite you to join us with the The Chain of Life initiative and our conservation efforts. Together we can be formidable!

For more information visit www.peetzoutdoors.com.

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